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Repairing Pinhole Leaks In Copper Pipes

Once you have detected a pinhole leak in your copper pipe, and it is above the slab it is not that hard to repair. Isolate the leak, and turn the water off to the house, either at the valve where it ........ Read More

Secrets From David Copperfield

David Cooperfield - live at the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas! You might be fascinated to know what I discovered behind the curtain. I was lucky enough to assist him with one segment of his show. Of cours........ Read More

Copper Canyon Spring Break

Spring break has always been a welcome change for many, given the holiday mood it generates. The season has an uncanny ability to elevate ones spirit. Spring is a exciting vacation period to many. One........ Read More

Copper And Your Health

Copper is a trace element mineral that serves a wide variety of purposes within the body, both on its own and as a cofactor, meaning it is an essential part of chemical processes that involve other v........ Read More

Usa - Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain was referred to as the best ski slope in "North America" by the US Forestry Service, for its amazing resources and ability to cater for beginner, intermediate and expert skiers. Based ........ Read More

Buyers Guide For Copper Mailboxes

Mailboxes crafted from copper give you traditional elegance and extraordinary quality. Copper mailboxes will never rust or go out of style. The beauty of a copper mailbox is unmatched and you will get........ Read More

Getting Younger Skin With Copper Peptides

Today all of us want to look young. Gone are the days, when wrinkles and blotched skin with sagging all over the body was acceptable. Today science is trying to find new molecules that can make our sk........ Read More

Copper Roof Vent

Roof vents are becoming very popular today as more and more people find that these kind of vents help cool the house in an effective and nice way. The use of roof vents uses a lot of logic because hea........ Read More

Copper Roof Shingles

The world is full of copper lovers, and lovers of the copper roof are by no means an exception. There are essentially two different types of copper roof you can buy, there is the solid copper roof tha........ Read More

Copper Use In Your House

When thinking of precious metals most of us think of gold and platinum, almost everyone neglects to think of copper, which is, in fact, one of the most basic and common metal we encounter on a daily b........ Read More

Copper Sinks

If you are considering a new sink within your kitchen or bathroom, a copper sink may be the way for you to go. Many people are choosing copper sinks over other traditional styles such as porcelain. Th........ Read More

How Copper Started The Legend Of Che Guevara

Locals around the Chuquicamata continue to claim that the Ernesto Guevara who visited the area in 1952 was nothing more than a brawling drunk, with a penchant for one-night stands. If Che had caught t........ Read More

In Their Footsteps: A Copper Merchant In Enkomi

As you tour Enkomi, near Famagusta in North Cyprus, you might imagine you are a copper merchant during the city’s heyday between 1300 and 1100 B.C. Your city is now only about 500 years old. Let us........ Read More

How To Make Your Trip To Copper Canyon Mexico Easier

You’ve probably heard about the train trip through Copper Canyon in Mexico. The Chihuahua Pacifico, “El Chepe” for short, is the only passenger train in Mexico. It winds its way through the Co........ Read More

Copper Canyon

Sierra Tarahumara, popularly known as Copper Canyon is situated in Mexico. The area is a favorite destination among those seeking an adventurous vacation. Copper Canyon is one of the six gorges in the........ Read More


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